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The only remaining Tibetan area in Lhasa, the Barkhor area is a charming enclave of winding streets and bustling markets.

Devout pilgrims to Lhasa traditionally circled the city on two clockwise routes, the outer circuit called the Lingkhor which has now disappeared under lots of buildings and two-lane highways, and the Barkor Circuit which is the shorter route through alleys just a stone’s throw from the Jokhang.

The Barkhor area consists of a maze of small streets and alleys around the Barkhor Square. The area is the only remaining Tibetan enclave in Lhasa and is well worth a visit. Wander through the back streets and soak in the bustling atmosphere of the large outdoor market of stalls selling paraphernalia of all kind. Come away with souvenirs, Chinese army gear, blankets, yak-wool sweaters, carpets, jewellery and more.

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