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Just 70km south of Guilin, lies the charming riverside town of Yangshuo. Most visitors arrive by boat, after a six-hour cruise along the magnificent Li River amid stunning karst scenery.

Surrounded by strangely formed limestone mountains, Yangshuo, is a huge draw among foreign and local tourists. With its multitude of restaurants, accommodation, cafés and bars, as well as ample opportunities for rock-climbing and hiking.

Exploring the incredible karst landscape and trying your hand at rock-climbing makes for a few enjoyable days in Yangshuo. The town is surrounded by hills and hiking trails or rock-climbing routes are never hard to find. The famous Moon Hill, with its moon-shaped hole piercing the peak, takes forty minutes to climb. But the views from the top are breathtaking and worth the exertion! About half a kilometer from Moon Hill, are the Black Buddha New Water Caves, underground caves with an underwater river and resident bats.

Biking along the country lanes and visiting small hamlets is a great way of seeing the landscape and soaking up the rural atmosphere. Apart from the myriad of hotels and restaurants speckled throughout the town centre, the fresh produce market is an interesting place to wile away a few hours. Foodies can immerse themselves in the intricacies of Chinese cuisine in the numerous cookery lessons on offer.  Or try your hand at Chinese calligraphy, painting or even martial arts.

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