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Starting in the glaciers of the Tibetan plateau, the mighty Yangtze River traverses through a vast area of western China before ending in the East China Sea.

The longest river in China and the world’s third longest, the Yangtze spans more than 6300km, meanders through Qinghai and across Tibet. It travels through seven provinces, passing the much eulogised Three Gorges and ends its journey in the East China Sea.  

For centuries, travellers have braved the turbulent waters and rapids. If travelling upstream, hundreds of coolies would use long ropes on either side of the river bank and heave the boat along. Small boats are still seen being hauled upstream in this way today. The journey upstream and downstream are less labour-intensive today and massive cruise liners have made their entry along with large freight vessels.

Despite the increased traffic along the river, especially on the stretch from Chongqing and downriver towards Shanghai (a week-long journey), the Yangtze River Cruise is an exceptional experience and one of the must-dos while visiting China.

The unsurpassed scenery and plentiful stops in charming villages and attractions offer visitors a fascinating insight into a China of yesteryear.

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Spend ten days seeing some of China's most incredible sights. Four of those days will be spent on a luxury cruise travelling down the mighty Yangtze River. Indulge in 5-star luxury on this journey.
The Great Wall - Yangtze River - Suzhou Garden - Shanghai
Indulge in a luxury cruise along the mighty Yangzte River, hop on a high-speed train to the picturesque canal town of Suzhou and enjoy two exciting days in the exhilarating metropolis of Shanghai!
Chongqing - Three Gorges Dam - Classical garden - Shanghai