Sister's Meal Festival


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The most famous festival of the Miao people is undoubtedly the Sister’s Meal Festival that takes place on the 15th-16th days of the third lunar month.

Spring is a time of renewal and love. And love is definitely in the air in the province of Guizhou where the Sister’s Meal Festival, a celebration of courtship and spring takes place. The young women of the Miao dress up in their finest traditional attire laden with intricate, heavy, coils of silver necklaces and towering headpieces.

The festival was originally intended for courtship and finding a potential partner. The young men come from neighbouring villages to serenade the young women who reciprocate by presenting ‘sister’s rice’ - parcels of dyed rice - to them. If a man is given a parcel with a single chopstick in it, he must try his luck elsewhere. However, if a young woman presents a parcel with a pair of chopsticks, the young man is in luck. If the parcel contains a red chilli the poor man must try his luck elsewhere.

The festivities last two days and include lusheng concerts (a Chinese flute), bullfighting and other performances. If you happen to be in south-western China, don’t miss this festive occasion to celebrate spring and romance!

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